SCARLET features and articles

SCARLET has featured in a variety of journals, websites and newsletters in recent months. This post outlines a summary of key publications and provides access to each.

CILIP Update

Hodgson, J., Lambert, J., Ramirez, M. (2012), Augmented reality: a new vision for Special Collections. CILIP Update. February 2012, pp. 43-45. An OA copy of the article has been made available courtesy of CILIP Update and can be accessed here. This article was first published in CILIP Update, February 2012, pp. 43-45

Teaching and Learning News

Augmented Reality in Learning and Teaching, Teaching and Learning News, March 2012, pp. 1-3. This story is available here.


SCARLET: A bright new approach to special collections. UniLife. 9 (6), p. 20.

An item on SCARLET was featured in UniLife, The University of Manchester’s monthly magazine. Read the article here.

Archives Hub

SCARLET: Augmented Reality in Special Collections. This is a feature that appeared on the Archives Hub website in March 2012. The feature is available here.


Special Collections using Augmented Reality to Enhance Learning and Teaching: a case study. This SCARLET case study features on the m-libraries website and can be accessed here.

Mimas website news story – Special Collections in the age of the app

A news story to launch the SCARLET project appeared on the Mimas website in August 2011. The story can be accessed here.

SCARLET mentioned elsewhere

Simon Bains, Deputy Librarian, The John Rylands University Library, The University of Manchester, participated in a live chat panel event run by the Guardian and included references to SCARLET.  The write up can be found here.

Alison Cullingford, attended a workshop and blogged about SCARLET shortly afterwards. Her blog post is available here.

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