Mimas AR open for business

Mimas is pleased to announce that we are now open to engage in Augmented Reality consultancy and training, an exciting new area where we hope to realise its rich potential for education.

Mimas’s experience with AR has involved working with award winning Academics, Library Professionals, Developers and Students to create pedagogically sound experiences across a range of disciplines (e.g. geospatial, medical, dentistry, special collections) and institutions.

Mimas has acquired Junaio certified developer status, allowing us to further our work in the field of AR; and in turn help us to help others understand its endless possibilities.

Our skills include Location-based AR, identifying points of interest via GPS and visual marker based technologies. Visual recognition can “glue” virtual 3D models/media to any real 2D and 3D object. Both can be enhanced with multimedia (audio, video files, websites or images) to heighten the user experience. Recent developments enable even more immersive possibilities, utilising gesture functionality and allowing summative assessment in one app.

Mimas, while embracing the potential of AR,  hopes to focus on the educational benefits to student learning so the technology acts as a transparent enabler. If you have any AR training enquiries or want to discuss how we could assist in making your AR idea a reality, please contact either:

laura.skilton@manchester.ac.uk or matthew.ramirez@manchester.ac.uk

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