Discover Geology AR Field Trip

geoARlogoYesterday, a coachload of enthusiastic people embarked from the Manchester museum to Castleton in Peak District to test the new University of Manchester Discover Geology app, co-developed by Mimas, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty, and the Manchester Museum. Early feedback suggests that it was a unanimous success, read more about the user experience from one of the participants MancOnline.

The field trip experience is now available via Junaio , search for ‘Discover Geology‘ after you open the app. The app allows the user to enhance their walking experience, learning more about the geological history of the Hope Valley with expert academic commentary and insight. Other functionality include:

  • Feature finder identifying fossils, oil deposits and minerals such as Blue John.
  • Location based Points of Interest(POI) along the way navigating your journey.
  • A compass allowing the user to find their bearings, to compliment the audio commentary.
  • Geological ‘Beneath your Feet’ diagrams illustrating the geological make up at points along the route.
  • Dynamic navigation informing the user of the closest POI.
  • Route finder – audio directions to the next POI…. and many more.

One of the participants stated that the app was like having a personal guide in their pocket. Anyone familiar with the Peak District owning an Android or Apple device should test it out the next time they visit the  Hope Valley. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the gorgeous sunshine we witnessed yesterday, but we can assure you will learn a lot more about the geology of this beautiful location.

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