About the Project


The original SCARLET project addressed one of the principal obstacles to the use of Special Collections in teaching and learning – the fact that students must consult rare books, manuscripts and archives within the controlled conditions of library study rooms. The material is isolated from the secondary, supporting materials and the growing mass of related digital assets. This is an alien experience for students familiar with an information-rich, connected wireless world, and is a barrier to their use of Special Collections.

Working initially with The University of Manchester Library to enhance access to materials such as papyri and ancient editions of Dante’s Inferno, we created ways to access these materials through the use of AR, which has led to working collaboratively with the University of Sussex and the Craft Study Centre at the University for the Creative Arts.

Innovation in Education

SCARLET evolved into an award-winning service, which unlocked further great potential for the effective use of AR in education and research.

We’re now creating AR applications to bring innovation to education, by developing new ways for students to discover supplementary information that cannot be seen by the naked eye. By using AR we can provide an innovative learning experience – think 3D maps, discovering rare manuscripts, medical trials or even finding fossils on field trips.

We are also an accredited Certified Developer, for the Junaio AR platform, which offers an open API for developers to use in the build of AR projects.

Our showcase highlights just some of the projects we have worked on.  If you have any AR training enquiries; or want to discuss how we could assist in making your AR idea a reality, please contact one of the team members below.

Project Manager

matt Ramirez

Matthew Ramirez  – Project Manager and Lead Developer, Mimas, University of Manchester, 0161 275 0610, matthew.ramirez@manchester.ac.uk

Project Team


Gail Millin-Chalabi – Geodata Research & Development Officer (Museum AR & Visualisation), Mimas, University of Manchester, 0161 275 0581, gail.millin-chalabi@manchester.ac.uk

Louise Egan

Louise Egan – Learning, Teaching and Professional Skills Communications, Mimas, University of Manchester, 0161 275 6931, louise.egan@manchester.ac.uk


Augmented Reality Intern

ATT_1421254058910_2014-09-20 14.35.40-1-1-2

Suhad Aljundi – Develop Augmented Reality Resources and Online Materials for FE and HE, Jisc, suhad.aljundi@jisc.ac.uk



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