Working with materials such as the world-renowned St. John’s fragment at The John Rylands Library, we’ve used AR to surround ancient manuscripts with digital content so that students and researchers can connect with supporting resources that help them to understand and interpret the texts.

SCARLET+ Project

Screenshot of the AR app.

Screenshot of the AR app.

The SCARLET+ Project took the lessons learnt from SCARLET, together with Mimas’s new understanding of the knowledge, skills and barriers to developing AR, to other institutions and different types of collections – mass observation and 20th-century crafts. This project has further built Mimas’s understanding of the application of AR in education, and transferred knowledge across the wider community. Crucial to its success was ensuring that, as with SCARLET, a mixed team approach was adopted. This has ensured that the AR developed made an impact on learning and teaching as well as enabling AR skills to spread across the institutions.


The ALT – Association for Learning Technology produced a super short video about the value of ALT and the work that was undertaken in the SCARLET project, the problems faced and how it was resolved,  focusing on the teaching not the technology.

A whole new view on Geospatial data


Working in collaboration with our Landmap service, we have developed a UKMap AR app (geospatial AR channel), meaning users can visualize data in a new way. Through a feature-rich map, users can switch between different map layers and manipulate 3D models to bring the location to life.  The new UKMap AR app, aimed at a wide audience including school children, allows pupils to interact with different mapping layers from the UKMap database originally collected by The GeoInformation Group and hosted at Landmap.

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Discover geology: an Augmented Reality geological field trip

In partnership with the Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences at The University of Manchester, we have developed an AR location-based learning resource, enhancing geology field trip for students. Students can access information such as  audio, video, 3D models, pictures and textual data, giving historical and geological information on the move. Digitised artifacts held at the Manchester Museum (fossils, minerals) offer additional context, and GPS-based hotspots delivered on handheld devices allow users to discover fossils in rock faces in the Hope Valley.

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Handing over the display cases…

A group of primary school students curated a new exhibition for a new faith exhibition at the John Rylands library. The project provided a layer of interpretation through augmented reality allowing visitors to uncover more information and providing additional activities on their mobile devices. It is a collaboration between Education and learning at The John Rylands Library and Mimas.

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Medical School

It is imperative that medical students have access to support materials for their practical OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) assessments. Clinical skills experts are only able to demonstrate procedures such as applying a cannula  for a limited time in the laboratories. Working with teaching fellow Dr. Kurt Wilson at the Manchester Medical School, Mimas experimented with 3D object tracking in a way to attach context and information to physical equipment.

AR at Mimas

Presentation at InsideAR discussing the different subject areas that Mimas have engaged with in producing education based AR.


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